In order to process all international orders, we would kindly ask you to follow 7 easy steps. 


We ask that all customers use our shopping cart.
If an item is ordered by email, there's is a chance that another customer may order the same item through the shopping cart. In this case, orders placed using the shopping cart will take precedence over email orders, regardless of which was placed first. Thank you for your understanding.

If this is your first time ordering, we will invoice you and mail out your
item upon receiving your payment, however in order to avoid heavy shipping
fees, repeat customers have the option to hold items. This means that once
you place your order, we will reserve the item for you for up to one week
before we ask that you pay. During that week, all additional orders will be
placed together. If you do not wish to place any more orders, you can email
us and pay right away. Once we receive your payment, all of your items will
be shipped out together.

Please know that once you decide to place an item on hold, you cannot
cancel. Customers who cancel holds or do not pay after one week will lose
their hold privilege permanently.


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Step 7.